Views and Comments by The Art Commune

By Founder members The Art Commune, Malaysia
Yvonne Hon, Bob Leong A. K and Billy Leong Mun Cheong [2009]
“The artworks of prodigious savant, Ping Lian is now being showcased in his personal Gallery, make possible with the support of J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation & ABWM- Association of British Woman in Malaysia.

Ping Lian @ The Art Commune is not only about great art by this young savant who has exhibited throughout New York City, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Brisbane, London and Germany. It about sharing possibility, recognizing a journey, it is the aspiration and the strugglers and the victories….It is  our  hope that with this sharing, comes a world of possibilities in hope, of growth and of colours in the unexpected,  an exalting new light; a new understanding for artist and audience,

The Art Commune is happy to have initiated this project and to take on the active role of implement nation. Together we hope to reach out with Ping Lian through his art as his journeys on….. Discerning collectors are already aware of the distinction and value of his art that is gaining international recognition with each passing day.”