Views and Comments by Teachers

By Sally Evans, Collector/Special Needs Teacher from UK
Short Summary about Ping Lian Yeak
     [August 2004]
Ping Lian Yeak was born in November 1993 and diagnosed as having Attention Deficit hyperactive Disorder with Autistic features at the age of four years. He was a very challenging toddler, who needed very little sleep and displayed vast amounts of energy which severely affected family life. He had no speech and had terrible tantrums due to frustration and lack of understanding about the world around him. Blessed by a loving supportive family they sort help where they could. Sarah, his mother, patiently spent hours researching A.B.A programmes and carrying them out. He was enrolled in mainstream school at the age of seven but could not cope academically, so he began home schooling and attending supplementary lessons for special needs children at Emmanuel Care Centre. He also attended Kumon classes for Mathematics.

Initially Ping Lian had very poor fine motor skills and tracing and colouring activities were introduced into his daily programme to improve his motor and imitation skills. This activity was also to encourage self- occupancy skills as he is unable to engage in play activities. Unknowingly, this training was to develop his interest and amazing ability in art.

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When Ping Lian was eight years old, he was given an ice cream cone. He then carefully reproduced the cone on paper. His family were amazed as previously he had laboured over the most basic tracing or colouring activity. Quickly they provided materials and objects for Ping Lian to draw. He displayed the typical Autistic feature of obsessions with one subject and drew and drew the same thing but this too was improving his skills as with each picture came a refining of skills.

Sarah, his mother, enrolled him at private art classes and his confidence and talent grew. His art teachers are not experts in special needs but they do recognize and encourage his talent. Ping Lian's self esteem has also grown. He still has limited communication and social skills but his hyperactivity and frustration has decreased significantly. Recently, Ping Lian tragically lost his father and was able to work through some of his emotions and lack of understanding by drawing pictures of his late father. They also offer an insight to his family as to how he is coping and how they can explain the situation to him.


By Yau Bee Ling, Ping Lian's Art Teacher     [Dec 2004]
A year working with Ping Lian Yeak has been very challenging and since grown into a very interesting learning process, the journey has been smooth but gone through a lot of trials and errors. At times, the exercises were experimental and never a guaranteed success. Many failures encountered, but my curiosity grew and to the point made me very determine. Many uncertain terrains had to be tested and learned through slowly but surely. It has also brought my conviction to the real test.

Ping Lian is a very energetic and lovable boy. A teacher of him, I am very much impress with his spontaneous and immediate expressive artistic energy. I did not teach him a set of rigid techniques and overly concerned with precision of execution only, but also we work along with variety experimental working direction and approaches from conventional to unconventional way.

The past one year only getting him to be expressive and comprehensive. His paintings and drawings communicate to us so much feelings and emotions which are visceral and sincerely felt organic experiences which we never had time almost forgot in today's rat race world.