Short Views And Comments

Darold A. Treffert, MD, Sept '04.
"Ping Lian's art is really very amazing. I would certainly put him into the category of 'savants'...... I really like his art"......

Dr. Treffert, a Wisconsin psychiatrist, Author of Extraordinary People: Understanding the Savant Syndrome, has been studying the Savant Syndrome for 40 years. He was a consultant to the movie Rain Man and has appeared on Today, Oprah, Larry King Live, Discovery and many other shows. He has been included in The Best Doctors in America beginning in 1979 to the present time...... Information from,

To share some of the encouraging responses to the sale of "Ubudiah Mosque I" sold for
RM 100, 000.00 to an anonymous bidder at the Grand Auction of the RDA Charity Ball in aid of the
Riding for the Disabled Association, Malaysia... 20 Nov 2004

Hearties congratulation on the sale of Ping Lian's artworks. It is wonderful that he can make such a difference in other people's lives too. Best wishes.
- From Nicola Kuok

04206 Lady
Well done Ping Lian! For someone his age, this is remarkable.
- From Lee Yen
Congratulation! U are an extraordinary person. Your commitment 2 him not only makes a difference 2 his life but the lives of many, many others. Please get present 2 the greatness you are.
- From DR Fauziah ( Ping Lian's dentist)
Congratulation. Ping Lian has contributed so much to society.
- From Hani
I am in awe for what is God able to do through a mom of an autistic child. I 'm also speechless 4 what God has show what Ping Lian can do. WOW! N Yahoo.
- From Pastor Selena Teo