Views and Comments by Individual Collectors

J Quek, Singapore/Australia
“One may be occasionally astound by Ping Lian’s work of art.
But one shall surely be captivated over the years by his timeless narration of the world through his lens.
The limited collection we are fortunate to hold unto has brought myself, family and visitors much joy, and importantly.... a confident hope.
Surely the world has become a better place, further enriched by Ping Lian’s, Sarah and their family story - the real timeless masterpiece of our good Lord.” -- 2020

Fiona & Andy Cunningham, UK
“He has an amazing talent, and is an inspiration to watch 'at work' - which we were fortunate enough to see on more than one occasion.  His paintings have been admired by our friends, both in Asia, and in the UK, and are a poignant reminder of our life in KL.  His talent is matched by his mum, Sarah's, complete commitment to raising awareness of the autistic spectrum, and the inherent talents often harnessed therein.  We feel privileged to have met them both.” -- 2008

Lee Tatt Boon, Partner, Skrine, K.L.
"The artwork of young Ping Lian was introduced to me more by accident than by design… Although I am not an art critic, the art images drawn by Ping Lian in the paintings that were shown to me, astounded me no end. Despite his age, his eye for details (I was looking then at the painting of the Petronas Twin Towers); his magical use of colors; his wonderful sense of proportion and position thrilled me so much…. Ping Lian’s pictures to grace our greeting cards for the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and our year end Season’s Greetings for 2005. Ping Lian’s artwork not only thrilled me but also all the clients of my law firm who expressed amazement at the talent of some one so young.  For information, 16,000 cards depicting Ping Lian’s drawings we sent out during 2005.”

Caroline Gregory, UK (ABWM)
“I loved Ping Lian’s paintings when I first saw them and before I met him.  His energy vibrates on the paper. On knowing Ping Lian my appreciation has deepened as I see further dimensions from his personality in his paintings. -- 2007

L C Ling, Setiawan, Malaysia
"It amazing seeing a great transformation of Ping Lian from a reckless and aimless boy into a very focus, dedicated and committed artist. His stroke is amazing and the colour combinations in his painting really show the extraordinary talent inside. A real savant at play" -- 2008

Ong Ie Min, Singapore
“Some comments from me on Yeak's art that I trust will be helpful to be supportive of both Ping Lian and his devoted mum. With naïf art which I collect, the adult artist paints in a childlike manner. With Yeak Ping Lian, who is ten years old, he portrays his subjects beyond his years although you still see elements of the child in his art. They are captured in his mind's eye and he draws them in a style reflecting his autistic genius. I first chanced upon Ping Lian's art when I attended the opening of the "Kuala Lumpur Arts Market' to have since then added to my naïf art collection three of his original drawings that I have captioned: in colour, 'Lunar New Year's Eve in Petaling Street' and in black and white, 'The Winner' and 'My Home'. Ping Lian's art is a work-in-progress as to how it will evolve as he grows up and sees the world around him with his mother's active support and encouragement to develop his talent.” --19 October 2004