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JP Morgan Chase Foundation & ABWM

2008 JP Morgan Chase Foundation, New York, NY, grant to the Association of British Women in Malaysia (ABWM).
Grant Purpose: The Grant shall be exclusively used to support the Ping Lian gallery, for the purpose of raising awareness and hope around autism by exhibiting the art of the autistic savant artist Ping Lian Yeak.

Extract from book catalogue “Savant Art” for the official opening of Ping Lian’s gallery,
“Ping Lian @ The Art Commune”

2009 - By Founder members – The Art Commune, Malaysia
Yvonne Hon, Bob Leong A. K and Billy Leong Mun Cheong

“The artworks of prodigious savant, Ping Lian is now being showcased in his personal Gallery, make possible with the support of J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation & ABWM- Association of British Woman in Malaysia.

'Ping Lian @ The Art Commune' is not only about great art by this young savant who has exhibited throughout New York City, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Brisbane, London and Germany. It about sharing possibility, recognizing a journey, it is the aspiration and the strugglers and the victories….It is our hope that with this sharing, comes a world of possibilities in hope, of growth and of colours in the unexpected, an exalting new light; a new understanding for artist and audience,

The Art Commune is happy to have initiated this project and to take on the active role of implementation. Together we hope to reach out with Ping Lian through his art as his journeys on….. Discerning collectors are already aware of the distinction and value of his art that is gaining international recognition with each passing day.”

2009 - Clement Chew - Senior Country Officer, J.P. Morgan Chase, Malaysia

"Let us pay tribute to the courage of children with autism and their families"
- Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary- General

We are delighted to be presented with this special opportunity to work with Ping Lian.

Ping Lian is blessed with an exceptional gift. Through his art, Ping Lian has touched the lives of many people around the world. His work inspire hope and reminds us of the extraordinary heights a child can reach with a family's love and dedication. Ping Lian's widely exhibited works convey a powerful message that the special skills of autistic children can be harnessed and developed to their full potential.

J.P. Morgan is delighted to partner the Association of British Women in Malaysia in support of Ping Lian's art.

Each year, the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation is involved with thousands of not-for-profit organisations around the world. Frequently we focus on children and assist in allowing them to reach their potential through education. Our Foundation actively promotes arts and culture as a means of celebrating diversity, enriching our society and promoting self-expression. Our goal is simple - to be the catalyst for meaningful and positive change in the communities we operate in.

J.P. Morgan is pleased to be part of an effort to showcase Ping Lian's art so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated by more people. Finally, we hope we can make a contribution to Ping Lian's love for drawing and his journey as an artist.

2009 - ABWM (Association of British Women in Malaysia)
Tracy Dale - Chairman

The members of the ABWM first met Ping Lian when he was 11 years old. We were so impressed by his talent and achievements that a few of our then committee members began to promote his work – holding exhibitions at the ABWM house, selling his works, including cards made from his paintings.... And we are allobviously delighted, Ping Lian is now able to maintain a permanent showcase here in Kuala Lumpur. ABWM is happy to be part of this collaboration with The Art Commune & JP Morgan Chase Foundation. The ABWM is a long standing association whose aim is to support our members, those members volunteer with several Malaysian charities and raise significant funds to help the less fortunate. It is therefore, a privilege for us all when one of our protégés has been able to succeed in his given talent and with that, offer hope and inspiration for all other autistic people. Congratulations....

04206 Lady

2008 - Crown Relocations
Ronan Kelly, Country Manager, Crown Relocations, Malaysia
2011 - President & Managing Director of Crown Relocations, North America)

“Ping Lian's art speaks for itself. Savant Autistic or not there is a vibrancy and style that is so unique to this young talent that he rightly deserves the recognition he is getting. Crown Relocations was pleased to be in position to assist Ping Lian and his family with their relocation to Sydney and with his various exhibitions in Malaysia & the USA. We hope that he will continue to touch and brighten the lives of many others as he has mine and all those at Crown"

2008 - Steve Blackwell, State Manager, W.A. Australia

"Ping Lian's talent is beyond his years and this young man shows attention to detail and expression through the use of colour"

2009 - DHL Express
Charles Brewer (DHL US) SVP & General Manager, Northeast Area
(2016 - CEO of DHL eCommerce)

"my comfort, reward and satisfaction is knowing that DHL is supporting a VERY worthy cause. The remarkable art of Ping Lian's continued strokes is indeed inspiring. My best to you and Ping Lian, as always."

“I have known Ping Lian’s work for 4 years and with DHL have supported the logistics of moving the fabulous pieces from one continent to another. The highlight of our wonderful relationship was when we received a most beautiful portrait of our daughter Ella! Ping Lian’s artwork is exceptional and goes way beyond an artistic picture, he captures a 3 dimensional experience – I am delighted to have had the opportunity to forge a relationship and I look forward to seeing further creations.”

2010 - The Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTic) Kuala Lumpur
(Extract from Ping Lian‘s solo art exhibition book catalogue
“Savant Art @ MaTic” – Nov 2010)

Message by

Y.B Dato Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen
Minister of Tourism

Malaysia is known for its multi-cultural diversity and this is reflected in the extensive range of our beautiful and priceless art heritage. In light of this, the Ministry of Tourism, through the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism (MCAT) campaign, hopes to promote Malaysia’s distinctive contemporary art to the world. This is a deliberate and conscious effort on our part to profile and turn the spotlight on our uniquely-Malaysian contemporary art, which is well-loved by Malaysians and visitors alike. Indeed, Malaysia is not short of artist – both young and old – who are highly talented and creative.

The Ministry of Tourism recognizes the growing importance of art in respect to tourism. Malaysian art is the canvas upon which our culture, our lifestyle, our landscape and people are featured. It is an important and beautiful documentation of Malaysia, the state of our country, the feelings of our people, and the sense of nationhood. It is a perfect reflection of the 1Malaysia concept that the Malaysian government envisions.

I am indeed pleased and honoured to present this exhibition which focuses on the works of the prodigiously talented artist, Ping Lian, who is a person with autism. Ping Lian’s outstanding works encompass many hidden aspects of form and image not initially seen or noticed upon first view. Ping Lian’s interpretation of his favourite subject of the Kuala Lumpur city centre and several Malaysian heritage buildings in ink are testament to our nation’s ability to drive world-class art talent. His discretional use of colours and intricate lines results in images within images that often appear unlimited on canvas. This uniqueness has become his signature style that has won him many collectors worldwide.

The Ministry of Tourism wishes to record our grateful appreciation to Ping Lian’s family and The Art Commune for all the cooperation and kind assistance offered throughout the staging of this exhibition and to make the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism event a success.

I believe that these efforts will go a long way in promoting a love and appreciation for Malaysian art, and similarly make Malaysia an art destination worthy to explore and discover.


2008 – Girard-Perregaux
(Extract from “My Journey…..”
Ping Lian’s solo art exhibition book catalogue ( by The Art Commune, January 2008, Malaysia)

CW Tong says ...
(for Girard-Perregaux)

Art and culture inspire the soul. Be it an oil painting or a grand chiming mechanical watch, creations produced from the imaginations and hands of passionate experts instill an incomparable emotion within us. These are true works of art.

At Girard-Perregaux, a leader in inspiring designs, we are proud to display our commitment to craftsmanship that is central to the company's philosophy. At the same time, we believe that it is vital to contribute positively to our community in strengthening the cultural heritage of our nation.

One of the ways that Girard-Perregaux creates this culture is through its initiatives in supporting local artistes.

Through The Art Commune, Girard-Perregaux is very proud to present - My Journey... Artworks of the Prodigious Savant, Yeak Ping Lian, our very own Malaysian Savant. Just like our timepieces, created with careful attention to all the minute details, Ping Lian's work is remarkably detailed, almost extraordinary to the naked eye. Enjoy!

Tong Chee Wei
Divisional Manage – Girard Perregaux

GP Supports An Art Exhibition By The Art Commune In Kuala Lumpur
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