Views and Comments by Dr.Laurence A. Becker

By Dr. Laurence A. Becker [2009]
Dr. Becker has worked with various autistic savant artists for over 30 years. Yet he was astonished in 2005 when a large box of Ping Lian's amazing pen and ink and watercolor art arrived unannounced at his door.

“… his amazing pen and ink and watercolor art arrived unannounced at my door. Ping Lian's colors, the detail, and the diversity of subject matter are truly extraordinary.   From the Twin Towers to the Sydney Opera House, to animals and people and even Santa Claus and his reindeer, delightful renditions of his subjects enlighten and amaze the beholder.  And to watch him work is to see a flurry of activity and concentration…”


About  Dr. Laurence A. Becker…     Dr. Laurence A. Becker,  of Creative Learning Environments in Austin, Texas, USA. Along with Dr. Rosa Martinez, first introduced the art of Ping Lian to the United  States in January 2006 in NYC.  Dr. Becker is the producer of the international, award winning documentary film WITH EYES WIDE OPEN: RICHARD WAWRO, ARTIST.  In year 2000, he directed an International Gathering of Savants at the University of Texas, Austin.  Over the  years Dr.Becker has published articles on “Autism and Nutrition” and portrayal of disability in film. He frequently speaks at conferences, schools, and exhibitions and arranges the display of the art of the savants he works with. He may be reached at