Views & Comments -  Selected Corporate Collectors

Tan Sri Dato' Azman Hashim, Chairman of AmBank Group

“I recognized Ping Lian’s artistic talent and was fortunate to have been  able to acquire a few pieces of his artworks. He certainly has a talent for art and I hope it will spur and motivate him to achieve success in other areas of activities as well. I wish him all the best and a bright future ahead.” -- 2020

Dato' Saw Choo Boon, Chairman of Shell Malaysia

“Shell Malaysia captured selection of Ping Lian's works in our 2007 Corporate Calendar - our way of saluting this young gifted Malaysian talent.” 

Shell Malaysia 

"We expect Yeak Ping Lian’s talent to blossom and wait with anticipation to see his future work unravel before Malaysia’s proud eyes.  His natural talent and his creativity will no doubt continue to inspire and enthral in the years ahead." -- 2008

Elizabeth Wee, Head, Public Affairs, HSBC Bank Malaysia

“I was very impressed with Ping Lian's artistic talent and truly believe that he has a rare gift. It is indeed heartening to see that his talent continues to be nurtured and I give full credit to his mother, Sarah who persisted in realising Ping Lian's hidden talent. HSBC Bank Malaysia has purchased some of Ping Lian's art works, they are delightful to look at and we are proud to have them hung on our office walls." -- 2008

Ruben S. Javier, Supply Director, Reckitt Benckiser

“Ping Lian’s gift is a truly wonderful gift.  It is a testimony to the Greatest Artist who bestows gifts as He sees fit to whom He chooses.  Ping Lian has been a good steward of this gift and his works are wonderful expressions of our Creator’s colorful tapestry of humankind.” -- 2008