Views and Comments by Commission Collector

Dr. Michael Belonogoff, Australia (2019 private commission and collector 2011)

Ping Lian Yeaks Paintings Monday, 5 October 2020

It is a pleasure and an honour to write some comments about Ping Lian Yeak’s exceptional and truly remarkable artistic talents; from the Belonogoff family in Emerald & Brisbane Queensland Australia.

We, as a family, came across Ping Lian Yeak and his mother, Sarah S H Lee, at The Rocks Markets Precinct in Sydney in 2010. All the family thoroughly enjoyed his work. We selected and then purchased one of the original paintings. Since then we have acquired more of his original works. The comments, by each of the family members that follow, show just how much all of us enjoy and appreciate Ping Lian Yeak’s art creations.

The following are the Michael Belonogoff’s Family’s heart felt comments:

  1. "Ping Lian Yeak art works have the feeling of seeing different elements of the world in a exceptional and dynamic, almost molecular level" - Michael B (Medical Practitioner);
  2. "His paintings have a broad appeal. I just love them! They are creative, vibrant, and are easily recognisable in style and landmarks". - Susan B (Teacher);
  3. "His works invite you to view reality from a different and new perspective". - Annisa B (Actress/Comedian/Screen Writer);
  4. "His paintings are great. Impressed by Ping Lian Yeak's exceptional and unique artistic flair and perspective. Truly captivating". - Mark B (Software Engineer);
  5. "His works are intricate, but simple. They are playful and creative. He allows us to see the world through innocent eyes". - Elizaveta B (Lawyer).

Our sincere hope is for Ping Lian to continue to enjoy his talent for creating exceptional works of art, and to develop and to thrive to his full potential.

God bless us all!