Views and Comments by Collectors

By Dolly Chye
Ping Lian Yeak - 10 years old (Sarah's son)      [August 6, 2004]
I first heard of Ping Lian in 2004 from a friend who teaches autistic children. She mentioned this child who had made some drawings that were of good enough standard to be sold as works from the hands of 'special' children. I had heard that Ping Lian's mother Sarah was a part of our Church.
May I meet them?

My first impression of Ping Lian was fleeting. We were at his home in the evening looking at his pictures, but the artist was not quite present, flitting in and out of our company, a most attractive young boy with piquant face, large, strong, attractive eyes. I wanted to buy two of his pictures - The Violin, and his Self-Portrait, but they were not for sale.

It was not until an exhibition at the National Art Gallery displaying the works of special children, that I had a second chance. Ping Lian was himself 'on display' as well, on that occasion. He was trying to make some drawings under the close scrutiny of strangers and friends, but as children will be children, was also running around. From time to time he had to be roped in to stand next to the buyer of his paintings, and have a photograph taken. It was a 'See! Here is the artist and I!' bit of thrill for the buyer...

Even at this young age, he had to learn how to honour his clients!!  

04305 Horses II
And he had to pose at least 5 times that morning, because all his work sold out that day. I had to fend off avid competition. Out of generosity, I conceded one out of my haul of three Ping Lian pieces - of an underwater scene- to a certain Mr Hoh.  
Eventually I had the pleasure of seeing the orange SOLD marker stuck on my behalf, on to two of his originals - Space and Invitation. The latter is one of his few works in acrylic. These now hang in my living room, in full view of all visitors. Through them I now had a link into the creativity of this child's mind, pictures that speak a thousand words.  
I thus became a collector of the works of Ping Lian, the artist.  

People may label him autistic, but in the world of God-gifted creativity, this child made in the image of his Creator, sees and reproduces forms in ways that I, labeled normal, am not able.

Psalm 91:1 (NIV)
"He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shades of the Almighty."


By Mr. Ong Ie Min, Ping Lian's Collector, Singapore
Ping Lian Yeak's Art
     [19 October 2004]
Some comments from me on Yeak's art that I trust will be helpful to be supportive of both Ping Lian and his devoted mum.

With naf art which I collect, the adult artist paints in a childlike manner.

With Yeak Ping Lian, who is ten years old, he portrays his subjects beyond his years although you still see elements of the child in his art. They are captured in his mind's eye and he draws them in a style reflecting his autistic genius.

I first chanced upon Ping Lian's art when I attended the opening of the "Kuala Lumpur Arts Market' to have since then added to my naïf art collection three of his original drawings that I have captioned: in colour, 'Lunar New Year's Eve in Petaling Street' and in black and white, 'The Winner' and 'My Home'.

Ping Lian's art is a work-in-progress as to how it will evolve as he grows up and sees the world around him with his mother's active support and encouragement to develop his talent.