Views and Comments by Clement Chew (JP Morgan Chase)

By Clement Chew - Senior Country Officer, J.P. Morgan Chase, Malaysia [July 2009]
"Let us pay tribute to the courage of children with autism and their families"
- Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary- General

We are delighted to be presented with this special opportunity to work with Ping Lian.

Ping Lian is blessed with an exceptional gift. Through his art, Ping Lian has touched the lives of many people around the world. His work inspire hope and reminds us of the extraordinary heights a child can reach with a family's love and dedication. Ping Lian's widely exhibited works convey a powerful message that the special skills of autistic children can be harnessed and developed to their full potential.

J.P. Morgan is delighted to partner the Association of British Women in Malaysia in support of Ping Lian's art.

Each year, the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation is involved with thousands of not-for-profit organisations around the world. Frequently we focus on children and assist in allowing them to reach their potential through education. Our Foundation actively promotes arts and culture as a means of celebrating diversity, enriching our society and promoting self-expression. Our goal is simple - to be the catalyst for meaningful and positive change in the communities we operate in.

J.P. Morgan is pleased to be part of an effort to showcase Ping Lian's art so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated by more people. Finally, we hope we can make a contribution to Ping Lian's love for drawing and his journey as an artist.