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Ping Lian Yeak 
Born in Malaysia - 18 Nov 1993
Residing in Sydney, Australia - Since May 2006
Prodigious Savant Artist (Autistic)

In April 2017, the book about Ping Lian’s very personal journey; “I Want To Be Artist”: An Autistic Savant’s Voice and a Mother’s Dream Transformed Onto Canvas premiered in the U.S. at the 10th Annual Treffert Lecture series hosted by Marian University and the Treffert Center located on the Agnesian Healthcare campus. The Treffert Center is the only savant institute in the world.
(paperback, colour, 486 pages, 121 images, written by Ping Lian’s mom, edited by Dr Rosa C. Martinez, forewords by Dr Darold Treffert and John McDonald).

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“…Ping Lian's artwork stands on its own demonstrating a remarkable artistic ability.  His artworks take on an added significance when one sees such ABILITY CO-EXIST with DIS – ABILITY. He is a natural artist whose work draws immediate attention, and appreciation.  His works are a spark of joy and flame, talent and enthusiasm...”
Jan 2008

“Ping Lian’s art is really very amazing. I would certainly put him into the category of ‘savants’…I really like his art…... They are national treasures wherever they are located...”
- Sept 2004

~ Darold A. Treffert, MD, a renowned American psychiatrist, is also an international known researcher who has been studying the Savant Syndrome for the last 45 years . He is also the author ofExtraordinary People:Understanding the Savant Syndrome” and “Islands of GENIUS: The Bountiful Mind of the Autistic, Acquired and Sudden Savant”. He was consultant to the Award Winning movie Rain Man.

Ping Lian Yeak

Initially Ping Lian was hyperactive, living in his own world, not showing affection or awareness of danger, unable to hold a pencil to write or to use a scissor to cut.

In order to strengthen and develop Ping Lian’s fine motor skills, his home program focused on tracing and coloring activities. These activities also served as a way for Ping Lian to be able to occupy himself, given his inability to appropriately engage in any leisure or socialization skills. Ping Lian also had very poor imitation skills. Guiding him through tracing and drawing activities, stroke by stroke was also one of the ways to develop his imitation skills. Ultimately tracing became a catalyst for discovering his exceptional art talent.

Now Ping Lian is a talented Artist full of love and affection. Due to his mother’s perseverance he has also matured into an obedient, hardworking, and grateful boy. Ping Lian still has limited communication and social skills. Art has provided him with an outlet of expression. His unique style of bold strokes and cheerful color has won over many art enthusiasts and collectors.(written in 2008)
  • At the age of 8 (mid-2002), Ping Lian out-grew tracing and seemed to suddenly acquire an obsession in drawing. The transition from tracing to drawing happened almost instantly. One day after he had finished eating an ice-cream cone, he just started drawing the pictures that were printed on the ice cream wrapper. He has not stopped drawing since then. The quality of his drawing has rapidly advanced and his rate of progress is fascinating.

  • March 2003 - Ping Lian’s mother wrote in her diary “I want to develop Ping Lian to be an Artist, I know he will be an Artist one day”….. And I get Ping Lian to say “I Want to be an Artist” every day as a way to “brainwash” him….
  • Feb 2004- Ping Lian’s father passed away due to a sudden heart attack. Ping Lian not only lost his dad but his only male friend.

  • At the age of 11- In November 2004, Ping Lian's work, "Ubudiah Mosque 1" was donated to Riding for the Disabled Association, Malaysia for charity auction. It sold for MYR100,000.00 (100% of the proceeds were donated).


    TV Coverage, exhibitions & books:

  • At age 11 - Filmed for Korea Broadcasting System’s 60-minutes Savant Syndrome documentary alongside Kim Peek (real Rain Man) and Kodi Lee. & Eve’s Diary (TV8 - Malaysia) featured Ping Lian and his solo exhibition at ABWM House.

  • At age 12 - Focus Productions from UK,  filmed Ping Lian at his exhibition at Henry Gregg Gallery, Brooklyn, New York for documentary,"Painting the Minda" a I hour documentary for Channel 4, also aired on Four Corners, ABC TV Australia, April 2007, and Scandinavia.
    May 2006- Ping Lian’s family moved to Sydney.

  • At age 13 – EBS from Korea filmed Ping Lian with Dr Darold Treffert in a documentary entitled "Uncovering the Secret of Childhood" during the "Windows of Genius: Artworks of the Prodigious Savant" art exhibition in Wisconsin, USA.

  • At age 14“Don’t ‘dis’ the ability” - Ping Lian’s artworks were featured at the United Nations Headquarters in New York (April 2008) in honor of the inaugural World Autism Awareness Day.

  • ~ At Age 15, (August 09) -Official Opening of his personal gallery in Malaysia – “Ping Lian @ The Art Commune” featuring a permanent showcase of his works in Malaysia, established  by The Art Commune and supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation (for 2009) in collaboration with ABWM.~ Mediacorp Pte Ltd from Singapore filmed Ping Lian at the official opening of the gallery for a documentary, “Asia’s Wonder Kids” for Channel NewsAsia (CNA International and CNA Singapore).

  • ~ At age 16 – Featured in three books that were published in the USA – ‘Islands of Genius’ by Dr. Darold Treffert, ‘Real Reading 3 – Creating an Authentic Reading experience’ – English text book published by PEARSON Longman (one chapter about Ping Lian), and ‘Drawing Autism’ by Jill Mullin. Solo art exhibition at The Malaysia Tourism Centre (Matic), organized by The Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with The Art Commune.

  • ~ At age 17 – Featured in the book published in Korea, titled ‘Knowledge’, which also included the Real Rain Man (Kim Peek), Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Edward Buffett, William H. Gate, etc. Also featured in the book “Artism: The Art of Autism” (U.S. 2011). Participated in exhibitions “The Genius of Autism” at Carnegie Hall (New York), “Strokes of Genius” at The Salmagundi Art Society in New York and “Savant Art” at The Rocks Pop - Up Project at Sydney.

  • ~ At age 18 – Ping Lian’s story was featured in one chapter of the book  “Adventures in Autism” by the master of motivation, Peter A. LaPorta (USA).

  • April 2, 2012 – his mother Sarah SH Lee was awarded a certificate of recognition for her pioneering efforts to “Train the Talent” signed by Temple Grandin and presented at The Strokes of Genius World Autism Awareness ceremony at United Nations Plaza.

  • ~ At age 20 and 21 – “Ping Lian @ The Art Commune” relocated to “Ping Lian Gallery @ The Settlement Hotel”, Melaka. Dec 2014- “Architectural Impressions”, a month long art exhibition of Ping Lian’s Architectural Landscapes artworks at Port Authority, New York City. Participated in art exhibition at Ewha Womans University Art Hall, Korea.
  • ~ At age 22 – Exhibited at Agora Gallery; a contemporary fine art gallery in New York's Chelsea art district. Featured in the book “The Prodigy’s Cousin” by Joanne Ruthsatz n Kimberly Stephens and "Exploring Giftedness and Autism" by Trevor Clark.
  • ~ At age 23 – “I Want To Be Artist” An Autistic Savant’s Voice and a Mother’s Dream Transformed Onto Canvas released.
  • Ping Lian continues to create magnificent works of art using charcoal, acrylic, water color, ink and oil. He also continues to donate his works to organisations and charities. His art works have been featured in exhibitions in the United States, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

    More views & comments about Ping Lian:

    • “Yeak’s works in Through My Eyes are proof of an extraordinary ability that is being channeled through a proper medium…. Overall, Yeak is diverse in his approach to art. His innate talent is simply amazing” – 17 Sept 2004 Geetha Krishnan Art StarMetro

    • "…Watching this young boy create his art was an unequivocally amazing experience.  Albert Einstein once said “True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist”. He was speaking about Ping Lian Yeak!  Ping Lian possesses this “urge”. His demonstration while creating an acrylic painting was astonishing… His paintings, tends to encompass hidden aspects or forms, not initially seen or noticed upon first view.  His use of color and his creation of intricate lines result in images within images, that often appear unlimited on canvas.  Each stroke appeared effortlessly calculated requiring measurement, memory, imitation, uniqueness and genius!” – Sept 2007 Dr. Rosa C. Martinez watching Ping Lian painting live at the “Windows of Genius: Artworks of the Prodigious Savant”

    •  “ ..This is not just an exhibition of remarkable artworks but it is about the sharing of possibilities, it is hope, it is about aspirations, struggles and victories...” - Yvonne Hon, gallery owner describes Ping Lian’s solo exhibition -- "My Journey.....”   at The Art Commune, Malaysia, Jan 2008

    • “Ping Lian’s gift is a gift from God.  I thank God for this miracle gift and the many “miracles happening” in our lives. I also thank God for the special favors he has granted to Ping Lian’s Artistic Journey…. Ping Lian’s life is a testimony to my quotation that I wrote many years ago:


        Take ACTION NOW!”  -- Jan 2008 Ping Lian’s mother

    • ....Ping Lian is blessed with an exceptional gift. Through his art, Ping Lian has touched the lives of many people around the world. His work inspire hope and reminds us of the extraordinary heights a child can reach with a family’s love and dedication. Ping Lian’s widely exhibited works convey a powerful message …..” Clement Chew, Senior Country Officer) J.P. Morgan Chase, Malaysia, 2009.

    • “… Although speech may not come easily to Ping Lian his works testify to a lively imagination and a vibrant inner life. In many pieces he is not simply recording, but inventing. This ability to transform the everyday into the marvellous is a sign of the true artist. Technical ability can be learned, but imagination comes from deep within….”
      John McDonald (Art critic for the Sydney Morning Herald)

    "Let us celebrate and focus on what autistic people can do, not what they can't do and do not
    label them as DISABLED."

    Sarah SH Lee (Ping Lian’s mother)
    Email :
    Mobile:+61 (0) 4 0105 1351

    New York contact: Dr Rosa C. Martinez,

    Extracts from “My Journey….”
    Ping Lian’s solo art exhibition book catalogue:
    ( written in 2008)

    Sarah SH Lee Says….
    (Ping Lian’s mother)

    It has been a long journey indeed from the time when Ping Lian was a hyperactive child, living in his own world, not showing affection or awareness of danger, unable to hold a pencil correctly to write or to use a scissors to cut.

    Now he is an Artist full of love and affection. He is obedient, loving, caring and a grateful boy with a special gift and talent in drawing, painting and colors. Ping Lian’s gift is a gift from God.  I thank God for this miracle gift and the many “miracles happening” in our lives. I also thank God for the special favours he has granted to Ping Lian’s Artistic Journey. … What Ping Lian has achieved thus far would not have been possible without the support, advice and encouragement of many special individuals and organizations.  They have contributed to change Ping Lian’s life and also have indirectly set a course for changes in our family life.

    I would like to take this opportunity to say a word of special thanks to all the people and organizations involved in contributing and being part of Ping Lian’s journey in life. I regard them as God- send- angels.

    The memory of Ping Lian's father and his grandmother are also strength for our family and I believe they both smile upon us from heaven as they witness the progress Ping Lian is making and the positive changes in our lives.

    I would like to share a quotation that I created many years ago in an effort to motivate myself and my company’s sales teams. At the time, I did not know that this quotation would later on play a very important part in inspiring me to develop and set goals for Ping Lian in his Artistic Journey and his personal development.






    Ping Lian’s life is a testimony to this quotation. Even though Ping Lian does not understand this quote, I have grasped it fully well and I have applied it time and again, and  I also impart this motivational thought and spirit onto Ping Lian.

    Dare to Dream, set Goals, dare to Change and  take Immediate Action, the rest will just follow and fall into place because God in His Will, will also guide and provide.

    We are happy with all that Ping Lian has achieved thus far…. but we still have a long way to go to achieve the Ultimate Level. With autism in our lives, what is the Ultimate Level? I still do not know! Thus we continue to live by the above quote one level at a time and look forward to more future progress and changes.

    Ping Lian with the book about his personal journey, Dr Darold Treffert,  Dr Rosa martinez,  mom-Sarah, sister-Cher, aunt-Siew Ing and Savant Car - April 2017 USA