"Ping Lian Yeak
11 Year Old
Specially Gifted Artist"

Born in Malaysia
- 18 Nov 1993

Residing in Sydney, Australia - Since May 2006

05411 My Dog II

Painted at age 11

06001 Sydney Opera House I
Painted at age 12

At My Favorite Art House – June 2004 ( Malaysia)

Ping Lian's work, "Ubudiah Mosque I" was sold for RM100,000.00 to an anonymous bidder at the Grand Auction of the RDA Charity Ball in aid of the Riding for the Disabled Association, Malaysia...... 20 Nov 2004

Some of the encouraging responses to the sale of " Ubudiah Mosque I " :
~ Hearties congratulation on the sale of Ping Lian's artworks. It is wonderful that he can make such a difference in other people's lives too. Best wishes.   - From Nicola Kuok

~ Well done Ping Lian! For someone his age, this is remarkable.  - From Lee Yen

Exhibitions / Events

Now Available on Amazon.com and Bookdepository.com
(Colour, paperback, 486 pages, 121 images)

May 12th 2018, 7:00 PM, Austin, Texas
Premiere of FIERCE LOVE and ART!
a Documentary film featuring Seven Savant Artists (including Ping Lian Yeak), a Prodigious Savant Musician, an Author/Minister, all with Autism, and their passionate parents, who used Art to enable their often silent children to demonstrate their creativity, intelligence, and wisdom to an astonished world.


All the way from Australia! Come meet Ping Lian Yeak in NYC at the prestigious AGORA GALLERY, March 2017. Exhibition dates March 10-30th. Opening Reception March 16th!

READ about Ping Lian in Psychology Today Article By Kimberly Stephens

“Out From Down Under
& Beyond:
Fine Art From Australia
and New Zealand"

Agora Gallery at Chelsea, New York City

May 20 – June 9, 2016
Reception: May 26

Ping Lian featured in
Agora Gallery's
contemporary fine
art magazine

Vol.34, Nov 2015,
page 42 & 43

"Architectural Impressions”
an exhibition
by Ping Lian Yeak
at NYC Port Authority – South Wing,
9th Avenue
December 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015
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Ping Lian Art Gallery @ The Settlement Hotel,
at Malaysia’s Historic City, Melaka.
Open Daily from
9am to 9pm

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SHOWCASE artworks by PRODIGIOUS SAVANT ~ Ping Lian Yeak at The Rocks POP- UP Project, Sydney
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SHOWCASE artworks by PRODIGIOUS SAVANT ~ Ping Lian,Yeak autistic. Matic, Malaysia Tourism Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
25 Nov 2010-30 Jan 2011

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"STROKES OF GENIUS": 4-14th October 2010
The Salmagundi Art Club
47 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
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At home- Ping Lian at work - April 2011(Sydney)

Ping Lian and his artwoks- 2011
Photo by Diane Macdonald (www.dimacdonald.com)

10001 Sydney - Ink and water colour on paper- 66 x102cm
Painted at age 16

11013 Sydney Opea House-orignal size-65x100cm-Ink and water colour on paper
Painted in 2011

12003 Sydney Opera House-Original size- 52x75cm-Water Colour on paper
Painted in 2012

Ping Lian at his gallery- 19 March 2015
Ping Lian Art Gallery @ The Settlement Hotel, at Malaysia’s Historic City, Melaka

Ping Lian Yeak
An 11 year old specially gifted artist in Malaysia

By Darold A. Treffert, MD ( written in 2005)
I was delighted to learn about Ping Lian through the worldwide savant syndrome website which brought his remarkable work, and his dedicated family, to my attention. Ping Lian's artwork stands on its own demonstrating a remarkable artistic ability in an 11 year old boy. His drawings are colorful, cheerful and impressive. Those drawings take on an added significance, however, when one sees that such a-bility co-exists with a dis-ability as described by his mother and teachers. Savant Syndrome is a rare condition in which remarkable skills and abilities-islands of genius-are seen in striking contrast to limitations from a variety of circumstances such as autism or other developmental disabilities. Such artistic prowess as Ping Lian demonstrates, in addition to providing us with beautiful art, serves as a source of satisfaction, development and growth for him, helping eventually to minimize whatever limitations might spring from his disabilities. Standing behind and beside each of the savants I have worked with as well, however, is a dedicated, patient, loving, determined and perpetually optimistic family which appreciates the special gift within their child, and wish to share it more widely with world. Thus we all become, then, the beneficiaries of that special giftedness, and that determination and optimism, while the artist himself continues to grow and flourish.

About Darold A. Treffert, M.D.
Dr. Treffert, a Wisconsin psychiatrist, Author of Extraordinary People: Understanding the Savant Syndrome, has been studying the Savant Syndrome for 40 years. He was a consultant to the movie Rain Man and has appeared on Today, Oprah, Larry King Live, Discovery and many other shows. He has been included in The Best Doctors in America since 1979 to the present time...... Information from, http://members.authorsguild.net/treffert/

To know more about savant syndrome and Dr Treffert please visit savant web site at http://www.savantsyndrome.com   and

05008 US Capitol Building
Painted at age 11

06018 Eiffel Tower
Painted at age 12


Now Available on Amazon.com and Bookdepository.com
(Colour, paperback, 486 pages, 121 images)

In April 2017, the book about Ping Lian’s very personal journey; “I Want To Be Artist”: An Autistic Savant’s Voice and a Mother’s Dream Transformed Onto Canvas premiered in the U.S. at the 10th Annual Treffert Lecture series hosted by Marian University and the Treffert Center located on the Agnesian Healthcare campus. The Treffert Center is the only savant institute in the world.

The Sydney Morning Herald- Good Weekend- 12April 2014- page 30&31

The Sydney Morning Herald-Good Weekend- 12April2014-page 32&33